Prairie Barbie

Prairie momma, modern homesteader, blogger, advocate for rural living.  Making life as beautiful as possible.

I am a lifelong farmgirl, gypsy of sorts, taking on a hundred acre dream....

I have always been a farmgirl.  Starting with my childhood on a little goat farm on the banks of the Missouri River.  My travels took me to many amazing places and I have squeezed many dreams into this life.  Now I finally find myself "home" in central Montana.  Raising my three sons, living the way I always longed for, hoping to share my dreams to inspire you  to live yours!

But Prairie Barbie is you too!  She's any girl who loves to make life beautiful.  The girl who's looking for the best life can dish out. She's not afraid to chase her dreams and work hard to make them happen.  She loves fully, laughs easily and her life is lived with intention!

Thank you for coming along for the ride!



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