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The other day, Prairie Momma Trish and I were able to have lunch and catch up. (I wrote about her over on  Why Geraldine.)  We are both so dang busy that it really takes an effort for both of us to sneak out to lunch.  We are both mommas, both have farms/ranches to run.  Hers is just bigger.... and a lot more work!  We both also have other work endeavors on top of being mommas and farmgirls.  But!  We both also know how incredible important it is to get together with your besties and have some fun! 


When was the last time you had a lunch date with one of your best friends?  If you're like most of us it's been way  too long!!  I think it's time you marked some time out for yourself!  Put on some lipstick, a cute outfit and have some time sharing, laughing and catching up with one or more of your girls!  The support and love we get from our besties is not to be taken for granted!  So go ahead, call and schedule a lunch date! 

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