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Using What Ya Have

I need to get better at remembering to do the whole "before and after" thing.  During the cold, snowy weather I decided to tackle the basement family room.  The walls were plain ol' white, which is not something I like.  They also hadn't been painted in a really long time and had all kinds of scuff marks, newly added crayon drawings and old nail holes everywhere.  I decided that I had enough leftover paint hanging around that I needed to use it up.


So this is what we had going on, mid paint job....


Not too exciting right?  But I used the paint colors from our upstairs living room and they happened to go perfectly with the furniture I bought off of Craigslist.  I am gonna  brag a little.... it only cost me $200.00 to furnish this room.  I needed some comfy things that the kids could climb all over without making me edgy!  Upstairs is "Momma's living room", but downstairs needs to be super kid friendly.  So between Craigslist, a few hand-me-downs, left over paint and a little craftiness, this is what we have now.



I really like using whatever is laying around to make our home cozy.  Many times if we set our minds to it, we can repurpose a lot of what we already have and spruce things up without spending a dime!  Is there something in your home that could use a new twist?

 I love the pinecones that fall from the shelter belt trees! I can use them for so many things.  Tomorrow I'll show you a little project I did with them....

But today I'm going to hang out with my rugrats in our new, cozy room....

Now go make something beautiful!


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