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A Real Ranch House

Today is my best girl Michelle's birthday.  So for her birthday I decided to post her house on a world wide blog.... Haha!  Actually, Michelle sent me these photos just to give me a tour of her new home and I thought it was so cute that ya'll should see how this real ranch house is decorated.  Michelle and her hubby live and work on a  working ranch in Colorado.  It's an older home with lots of charm.... Take a look!

Michelle sent me these photos on the spur of the moment, just during a fun phone call.  I don't know about you, but I'm impressed by her housekeeping! If you saw my house at this moment, it would not be quite so tidy!

Michelle and her hubby ripped up some old, gross linoleum and sanded down the wood floors in this dining room.  Elbow grease can do so much!

"Because every girl should have a coffee bar." ~ Michelle


"You can make anything out of barn wood!"

Her husband made this pot rack from a hog panel and barn wood.

Love how Duke the dog is photo bombing!

Love how Duke the dog is photo bombing!

Someday soon I hope to get to Colorado and see her adorable house for myself!  Don't worry, I'd take my camera and get some more photos.....


We both love cowhide rugs!  Michelle kids,  " I'd cover everything in cowhide if I could!"


I hope you all enjoyed the tour my dear friend's house.   A sneak peek into an authentic ranch home decorated by one of the most genuine ladies I know.


Now go make something beautiful,


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