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Retail Therapy

So yesterday I had to have a long exhaustive meeting with a lawyer.  That's about as much fun as a root canal!  I could think of at least a million other things I would have rather been doing during that time.

Whenever I have one of those stressful meetings I do try to make the best of it.  For one thing, it's just about the only time I get to go to town with out my rugrats.  Whom I love dearly.... but a break once in a while is good for my spirit.  So after such meetings I try to sneak in a little bit if fun, retail therapy.  There are some adorable shops in downtown Great Falls that help soothe my soul.

I thought I'd share one of them with you....

This is Feather Your Nest, owned by Kandy Zanto.  It's a haven of beautiful things.  A juicy mix of vintage items and new ones as well.  It's a hub for the artwork of Rhonda Addison who I just love. I have one of her prints in my bedroom.

Of course there's a hint of Christmas in the store for the season.  I love this girly girl tree!  And here is some more eye candy....

Forgive me for not taking along my good camera! But I figured cell phone photos were better than no photos at all! Hope you all agree!


After spending a little while pursuing through the pretty things while some lovely music filled the store, my frazzled nerves began to calm.  I was also there to pick up my early Christmas gift from Prairie Granny....

It's now hanging in my entry way and I love it!


I encourage you to get out for some therapy sometime soon.  Retail therapy isn't about spending money, it's about spending time!  Time to see things that inspire you.  Time to b-r-e-a-t-h-e  and enjoy your own presence while letting your imagination have a little fun.  Women a few years back used to call it "window shopping".  I say, open the door and go in!


Now go see something beautiful,


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