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Stirring Things Up

I attend a lovely Baptist church.  But this is not a sermon!  Yesterday we had a guest pastor because our wonderful pastor has retired after 46 years of faithful service to that church.  The congregation has been a bit glum ever since he retired a couple of months ago.  The guest pastor sniffed that out right away and what he said resonated through me.  Not just in a "between me and God" way, but in a "this is your life way."

In the back yard this past summer.

In the back yard this past summer.

He said that when a campfire is just about to go out, we have to stir it up!  That's what rejuvenates the fire so it will burn bright again!   So that left me thinking about my life.... For the most part, I think my fire is burning pretty well.  But could it be brighter?  Yes!  How about yours?  Does your life need a little stirring up?  Are you excited about your life or are you about as glum as a congregation that has no shepherd?

But what can we do to stir things up?  Well friends, I have been thinkin' on that all night!  These are some things I came up with....

You know that place that has always piqued your curiosity?  Go there! Whether it's a cute antique shop in town or another country across the pond!

That person that you have been wanting to get to know better?  Call them!  Invite them to lunch, just because!

Go get your hair cut into a style that takes a few guts to wear, instead of the same "comfortable" cut you've had for ten years!  Or color your gray!  I need to!

Excite your palate with a new recipe at this years Thanksgiving dinner!  How about pumpkin pie cheesecake this year?!

I'm sure you're catching on.... we stir things up by not being afraid to experience all that life has to offer.  By stepping out of our comfortable boxes and into new light. I recently did something I thought I'd never do.  I bought a pair of skinny jeans!  I'm not kidding!  I thought they'd look ridiculous on my not-so-little booty.  But it turns out, they look amazing with the right pair of boots!  I feel down right fearless in them.

Life is too short to not stir things up.  So let's make a pact to get our fires to burn as brightly as possible.  As I heard on a recent trip to southern California, "YOLO!"  That's shorthand for "You only live once!"  


Now go make something beautiful,


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