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I saw this posted on Pinterest last night.


It caused me to have an "Ah ha moment".  A couple of months ago, I was approached by one of my doctors.  He said he had been discussing me with a colleague of his and they both felt that I should consider becoming a motivational speaker.  He felt that from what he knew of me, and my story, I would be a very interesting speaker for young people at high schools, colleges and such.

At first I just stood there absorbing what he was saying.... He said to think it over and that he and his colleague would be willing to help "groom me" in the right areas and I would become a pro in no time.  He said to work on a 40 minute speech.  Yikes!

On further thought, self doubt was setting in.  Who was I to speak to young people in an academic environment?  I never even went to an actual high school, much less college! I was the product of a homeschool program.  I had so many dreams I couldn't see how tying myself to a college for four years was going to allow me to pursue them.  Not a model student at all!  But he reassured me that my niche was speaking about going out into the world, making something of yourself and then coming home to our smaller communities to make a difference and keep them alive. But no pressure....

I have to say I don't feel like I'm quite ready to take on motivational speaking.  But Dr. Bob believing in me did  help encourage me to chase this dream of helping to inspire other women to live their lives as beautifully as possible.  Even though I am not an expert in anything in particular, not perfectly polished, not incredibly educated, not a model or someone with celebrity good looks. What I am is a lady with a vision of using this life I was given to make whatever difference I can make.... because I can.  And so can you.


Now go make something beautiful,



The moon rise over the farm.

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