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Advice Taken

Over on the Why Geraldine blog I had written about some rainy day projects that involved redoing some things in my room.  That post turned out to be one of the most popular posts I have written.  Go figure!  I never saw that coming.

I received a few suggestions after publishing that post.  So enough I had to try them!  Prairie Granny came into my room to find me flipping over my king sized mattress.  "Are you crazy?!" She asked.  "Yup! I probably am," I said.  Then she helped me move my big ol' bed....

One of the suggestions I got was to go ahead and put the bed along the longest wall of the room.  Since I discovered I would still be able to see the pine trees through the window, from my bed, I love it now!  I also covered my box springs with the fitted sheet as suggested by cousin Joellyn. You should check her out over on!  She is an actual  designer and always has great ideas.

The cowhide from my great room asked to please be put in my bedroom.... and the bench that I had dragged up from the barn, moved to the foot of the bed from it's old hangout by the window. 

I also like the way my photographs "pop" against the darker wall....   So ya see I took the advice of my dear readers and ended up with a room I can finally say I love!    Thank you!!

I almost forgot!  I also wanted to share with you some of the inspiration I had for my room.  This bedroom was one of my favorites on Pinterest.  Over time I have been able to find little things that helped me with my dream....  Now go make something beautiful! ( If you want to.)


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