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Closet Chaos

I'm no Martha Stewart.  Not the queen of organization whatsoever.  But I do like my home to have some sort of system for most things.  It's maddening to not be able to find things right?  I also hate walking into a space and feeling that "ugh" from too much clutter everywhere. Do you know what I mean?  My closet has been giving me that feeling.  I'm blessed that the closet is spacious and designed pretty well.  But I hadn't taken the time to really make the best use of the space.  For some reason I had all these yucky wire hangers stuffed in there too and I hate those!  So the last time I went shopping in town I picked up these beauties....


I had to do something to fix this....


Of course the easy part was getting the random clutter that didn't belong in there out of there!  Then I stripped every item of clothing off of the yucky hangers and put them on the new ones.  I can't tell you how much that simple thing changes everything!  While switching the hangers I had the chance to actually look at every item and decided whether to keep it or not. I even "found" some things that needed to be back in the rotation.  Like Christmas again!  I did end up with a "purge pile" as well we should when we tackle our closets!

These are looking for a new home!

These are looking for a new home!

Wanna know how I kept the rugrats busy enough for me to work on my project?


Need I say more?

Need I say more?

Ta-Da!!  I didn't make any earth shattering changes.  But just a few little differences make the whole space feel better.


I had this cool organizer thing hanging in here pretty much empty.  Now it's a much smarter choice for my jeans.  I admit it, I saw someone do it on Pinterest.


See the difference the good, matching hangers make.  I confess.... fifty hangers wasn't enough.  I ran out and had to use some of the better old ones for now.  I do not have the luxury or running to town just for more hangers.  Especially on days like this.  It's been snowing hard all night and all day.... The roads are drifted and nasty.  But as soon as I can I'm going to pick up a few more of the nice ones.  It was totally worth the twenty bucks I spent so far....

My hope is that this little post inspires you to make some little part of your home feel better.  Most of us spend a lot of time in our homes and don't realize the impact that clutter has on our psyche.  It's doesn't cost a dime to clear some things out but the rewards are worth the effort.


Now go make something beautiful,


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