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Our Farmhouse Christmas

I just love seeing how others decorate their homes for holidays. That's one of the awesome things about Pinterest and some of the blogs I follow.  It's such a great way to get some fresh ideas!  This tree skirt was posted on Pinterest and I loved it....

But I don't sew.  At all.  Ever.   So I came up with my own, more rustic version.  I used some actual  vintage potato sacks that Hired Man Jim had given me.  All I had to do was arrange them in a way that looked nice and voila!   I really like the rough, tattered edges.

For kicks I'll give you a little tour of how our farmhouse is looking this Christmas.  It's our first Christmas at the farm and it has been really fun to see where I can display the beloved old treasures I have and a few new things too.....

My big boy an I made the pinecone ornaments on the tree in the front entry. Just glitter, glue and string.  I'm still vacuuming up glitter....

For lack of a mantle....

I love little trees in baskets!

Most of the ornaments and decorations I have were given to me as gifts or handed down to me from family.  Then of course there are the ones my big boy made for me when he was "little".  I think that's what makes the best trees.  The ones that have lots of love and history on their branches. A few store bought ornaments in the coordinating colors can finish things off nicely. 

I hope you enjoyed the little tour.... I'd love to hear about your favorite Christmas decorations and ideas! Drop me a line!


Now go make something beautiful,


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