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What's In Your Truck?

You know that game we play at baby showers? The "what's in your purse" game?  I think I have a new version!  I'm calling it, "What's In Your Truck?"  Yesterday we had some really decent weather.  So while the rugrats were playing in the yard, I decided to climb up in the back of my of pickup and assess the situation.  I actually do try to keep the "nice truck" nice.  But we live on a dirt road.... and since it has heated seats, it is the favorite to do chores with during these frigid months.  Over the past month the truck had collected a very curious assortment of items.  Here's what I found....


2 tire irons (never know what size ya might need if you haul different trailers)

1 towing hitch extender thing

2 chains, One long, one short

2 chain come-along thingamajiggers

15 or so pine boughs left over from a home décor project 

40 million orange baling twine strings (at least!)

3 empty feed sacks

1 sack of lambs wool (why was that in there again?)

5 odd pieces of lumber.  Blocks and planks are often handy.  But five?

1 broken dog tether cable.

2 pieces of rope

1 Harold the Helicopter.  (Thanks to the rugrats.)

1 empty icecream bucket

Lastly, about 20 pounds of loose hay.

I would say the contents of my truck were pretty standard for a truck around these parts.  Ranch trucks are vital for getting work done, fences fixed, cattle fed, then to town on Saturday night and church on Sunday morning.  They live a hard life!  So here's the fun part!! What's in YOUR truck?? We'll also go with the back of your car, SUV or whatever else gets you around. Whoever has the "oddest item", wins!  (Determined by me, because this is my blog.) There's no prize other than a shout out on the Prairie Barbie facebook page, but it'll be fun! Just leave a comment for me below....

The first entry came from my best girl Michelle. Remember her from A Real Ranchhouse? 


She and her family had recently gone out target shooting as a family activity.  The targets are still in the truck, ready for next time!  Looks to me like somebody is a pretty good shot!

Now go have some fun,


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