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Our new friend Ivy the Birthday Goat has settled in pretty nicely.  But she's not any happier about the weather today than I am.  However, when I went down to do the chores she was still very happy to see me.  She's my new bestie here on the farm.  She told me so.

Have you ever been hugged by a goat?  I hadn't either until today.  But I swear she gave me a hug! 

After saying goodbye Miss Ivy I went to finish my chores.  Everything looks really pretty with the fresh snow.

Although, Mudflap and I aren't crazy about it being 14 degrees and snowing again....

I am very thankful I got to spend most of my day in my toasty house.  As a matter of fact I have enjoyed being quite lazy today!  These short winter days can sure fly by can't they?  Thank goodness today is Winter Solstice. Tomorrow we'll starting getting a smidge more daylight to work with. 

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