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I posted a little photo on my Facebook this morning. It showed the thermometer reading zero degrees outside.  I have some lovely friends and family that live in MUCH warmer places and I have to admit it's fun to get their reactions to our "interesting" weather.

Today's fun comment was, " How the heck do you manage to be out in that kind of weather for any period of time?  Gives me chills, just thinking about it."  So I thought maybe the "how we do it" would be a fun post....

As ya'll know I have critters that need cared for no matter how cold it gets. They need extra care when it's subzero.  More feed, straw bedding, water that's not frozen etc.  So this girl gets to be outside freezing her hiney off each and every day of the winter.

If I went outside dressed like someone in California, I'd freeze to death.  Literally.  So here's a look at how I get dressed to go out....

This shows my handy, dandy insulated coveralls, which I am wearing over my regular jeans. I also have a tank top under my sweater.  Or sometimes I wear an "Under Armor" shirt, designed for subzero life. Of course a warm hat is a must too.

Now I have added the rest.  My insulated winter Muck boots that I love!  My feet are never cold in them, which is pretty much a miracle!   Lined leather work gloves. They are a little tough to maneuver sometimes. I find myself taking one off to hook the gate latches and such.  Of course I have my alpaca scarf, which is the warmest scarf I have ever had!  Then there is my lovely fluorescent coat.  It's actually a left over from my oil field days.  (That's a long story!)  It's a waterproof, windproof, safety jacket.  Ugly as sin, but does the job perfectly. When I have this stuff on, I feel like I gained 20 pounds in seconds.  It's hard to move, bend and breathe.  But without it, I couldn't even go out to care for my animals.  This way, the only parts of me at risk of frostbite are my cheeks and around my eyes.

I have a very special way of telling if it's below zero when I'm out doing chores.  At subzero my tiny little nose hairs freeze as I breathe. Sometimes I even have to unglove my hand and thaw out my nose or melt the ice on my eyelashes.  That is a phenomenon that only happens when it's below zero. Was that a little too much info?

After chores, I come in, strip down, and pour a huge cup of coffee!  It always seems to taste even better when the chores are done!  Thanks for coming along with me today....

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