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Dealing With S-T-R-E-S-S

Gotta love that little six letter word.... stress.  I was told by my doctor the other day that I really need to reduce the stress in my life.  I had a good laugh about that.  And laughter helps right?  Then I started thinking about what, if anything I could do to lower my stress level.  I have several very tough things staring me in the face at the moment.  Life changers.  Some good, some incredibly crappy.  All stressful.  Most of which are things that are completely beyond my control.  Sound familiar?  I'll bet it does, because we all have stress at some point in our lives.  Jobs, kids, relationships, money, health.... we are all juggling what feels like the weight of the world sometimes.

One thing I know I need to do is to keep reminding myself to focus on the present moment.  At this moment for instance things are good, maybe even great.  I'm sitting at my cute desk, in a comfy chair, sipping "Tension Tamer" tea and writing my thoughts down so my dear readers can see inside my head.  Not so bad right? 

Another trick I have been using these last few days is the practice of repeating a mantra. "Mantra" is defined as, " sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, or group of words believed by some to have psychological or spiritual power."  For me, it means, repeating a phrase to myself, in times of stress, that helps me refocus and deal with things.  Sometimes it's a Bible verse, sometimes it isn't.  Even just the practice of saying to yourself, "Everything is gonna be alright", is pretty much a mantra in my book.  I'd tell you what my mantra is right now.... but I can't.  It's "classified".

I also tend to turn to music when life feels like it's eating me alive.  Yo-Yo Ma cello solos when I can't sleep. Some juicy, angry ballad's from P!nk when I need to vent!  Heartbreaking country stuff when I need to cry and sometimes we all  need to cry. Seems like there is music for every emotion under the sun and thank the Lord for that!

Of course we can't forget comfort food.  Bestie Michelle baked me chocolate chip cookies the other day.  I ate them for dinner. All of them.  I was consciously consuming each morsel and absorbing the love of my friend with every bite.  Then we need the next thing....

Exercise.  Not the "geez I hate this, torture-like exercise."  But the I need to get outside and move my body in the sunshine kind of exercise.  Preferably somewhere beautiful where we can take in the beauty God created and just b-r-e-a-t-h-e.  A walk down the dirt roads is my favorite.

Now how about you?  What are your secrets to stress relief?   Got any tips or tricks to inner peace?  I'd really love to hear about them!


Now go make something beautiful,



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