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It Makes A Difference

Eighteen months ago I brought home ten babies.... at once.  Then proceeded to raise them on bottles for sixty days.  Twice a day, I packed ten huge bottles of milk up to the barn to feed my babies.  (You can read more about all that fun by clicking here)   After sixty days they were weaned and got to go out on good Montana grass to grow into big, healthy boys.

They were so cute!

They were so cute!

Through the winter I braved sub-zero temperatures and blizzards to feed them and keep them happy healthy....

From day one I knew I was raising them for beef.  Organic, grass-fed, humanely raised beef.  More than "humanely raised".  Absolutely spoiled rotten and adored actually.  Which of course makes sale day just about unbearable.  All but one of these steers got to go to the sale barn.  One of them is for us to have in the freezer for our year supply of beef. 

Momma said there'd be days like this....  Loading up my calves and taking them to the sale ring where I know they're going to be someone else's beef soon.  But at least I know I've done my part to raise this beef in the most ethical, kind, healthy way.

At least I know that the beef in my kids' dinner is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and chemicals. Honestly, that right there makes it all worth it....

So just for me, take a moment and think about what went into growing the beef that's in that burger that you might pick up for lunch today.  Think about where it came from.  If possible, buy food from farmers who love what they do and care about their critters and the food you're about to eat.  It makes a difference....


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