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Twenty Below

Hello friends!  This week I haven't written all that much.  Maybe because my fingers have been on the edge of frozen every since this artic vortex thing decided to hover over us.  Sub-zero makes me a little anxious.  And overwhelmed.  Everything is harder at twenty degrees below zero.  Water troughs freeze, buckets have to be hauled by hand, chickens get frost bite, cows get crabby.... you get the picture.

But here we are this morning, finally above zero.  So I was out running around with my camera, trying to capture the beauty that winter gives us....

These two shots I actually snagged with my cell phone.  It was so cold my "real camera" was not quite wanting to cooperate!


For some crazy reason, frost on barbed wired is always so beautiful to me.

This one just made me smile.  The toys are patiently waiting for the rugrats to return to their backyard games.

I can't believe he let me get this close.  Picture this:  I was out in my lower pasture, knee deep in snow, in my flannel shirt, leggings and muck boots, shivering my tail off, creeping up on a hawk.  Just hoping  he didn't fly off the post before I got the shot.  Bone chilling, but worth it!

My beloved Rhett.... For seventeen years he's been my love.  Wow.  I'm old....

Had to show you how cute calves look when they're frozen....

Soaking up the sun.... or trying to.

Of course the Judge is always on duty.  Out with the cows, keeping the hungry coyotes from even thinking there was an easy meal on our place.

I don't know about you, but I feel a little better about the impending winter when I take a moment to appreciate the beauty of it.  So I hope you take a moment to breathe it in sometime.  Watch your kids play in the snow, stop by a frozen river and watch the fog rise or even just enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and be glad it's that time of year....


Now make something beautiful,


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