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Locally Perfect

I recently made a discovery that I wanted to share with you.  Y'all know I have a real affection for locally made, artisan products, right? I am a huge believer in supporting our local economies by buying whatever we possibly can right here at home.  Whether it's gift items, groceries or gas.  Let's all work a little harder to avoid buying things imported from China this holiday season.  There are so many beautiful things made by beautiful people!  Here's just one example....

There is a local ranch wife, right here in Geraldine, Montana that happens to make beautiful pottery.  It's just a passion and a hobby for her. To support her passion, she sells her wares at the local Christmas bazarre and a local consignment shop.

These gorgeous little dishes are my very favorite thing! 

Yes, I am a hard core coffee drinker....

This one's warm color reminds me of a frothy cappuccino.

 I use one of my very own to hold my coffee spoon.  All day, every day it stands by next to my coffee maker.  That way, I can set my stirring spoon in the dish for the next cup without coffee drips all over my counter.

Another one is a perfect holding place for keys or pocket change.... it's a little larger than the spoon holder.

Lastly, there is this yummy bowl.  I think it's perfect for nuts or snacks to nibble on....

If any of these beauties strike your fancy, you'll be able to find them over in the Prairie Barbie Shop.  Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for a way to buy local gifts this year!  It really does feel good! 


Now go make something beautiful,


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