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Antique Farmhouse

I don't know if y'all have noticed or not, but I don't have a lot of ads on my little website.  Mainly because when I go to websites that are swimming in ads, I get annoyed.  But the ugly truth is, us bloggers can make a little money by selling ad space.  Sometimes even enough to like, pay for the webpage fees.  Or even make a little extra! 

So with that said, I am actually excited to tell you about a new ad and link that you'll find on my page!  I am very picky about who I want to represent on my little website and I feel that this company suits me (and maybe you) perfectly.  That company is Antique Farmhouse!

When you peruse their online store, you'll find all kinds of things that are right up my alley.  My favorite item today is probably this adorable chalkboard. 

It's only $20.00!  I found that the prices on the Antique Farmhouse décor were super reasonable. Maybe too reasonable..... now I wanna buy stuff!  Maybe just one little thing.... I'm trying to be good and keep within my budget and all.

Don't be surprised if you find this sign in my house someday soon.  It's only $24.00 and I have a slight obsession with signs and things that say stuff....


Antique Farmhouse has different collections of items.  Such as "Red Delicious" and "Farmhouse Chic".  The items available are often in limited quantities and sell out quickly.  The good thing is, that means the items change frequently and there is always new, fun things to drool over! 

So anyhow,  I really like their little online store.  But even if you don't plan on purchasing something, check it out.... maybe it will just provide you with an extra spark of inspiration for your own spaces....


Now go make something beautiful,


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