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Autumn.... Like Christmas, Only Better!

Lots of people love to decorate for the Christmas the holiday season.  Decorating for other holidays, like Easter for instance, is always fun too.  Then there's me.  My favorite time of year, and favorite seasonal décor is in Autumn.  I have to seriously restrain myself when it comes to fall decorations.  I have to remind myself that having taste also means having restraint.  So my challenge is to decorate without making it look my house belongs in a corn maze.

With that said, I thought I'd give y'all a little tour.  Since most of ya can't come over for a cup of coffee, here's some photos I took, just for you....

Nothing says Autumn like pumpkins.  So I put them, like, everywhere.... This is my front entry. 

The door was found laying down in the barn yard.  I bought the adorable stool and pot at the Farmchicks antique show in Spokane, Washington last June.  The spurs are mine.  Yes, I actually use them.  For real.  Whenever I am doing some riding that requires any kind of precision. Like working cows....

I just love this old dry sink/cabinet thing.  And there's that little chair that my lovely assistant re-painted for me.

Other than the kitchen, this is the most lived in room in the house.

Wish y'all could see the view from the couch.  It's pretty much the reason I bought my place.... Other than the barn.  I love my barn!  But this little spot is where I sip my tea an watch reruns of Downton Abbey.  In the winter anyway....

The old typewriter desk was found lingering in the garage, covered in dirt and cobwebs.  Now she holds my tv with a little more character than some sleek tv stand.

Lovely assistant Jade added some pheasant feathers to my little still life and voila!  Better than before.  And cheap!

Pumpkin and pinecones picked up from out in the yard and tossed in a basket.  That's how we roll.  Cheap and easy....

This isn't really Autumn specific. But the other day I found this old frame inside one of my grain bins.  I dragged it into the house and gave it a scrub.  Then I noticed it fit perfectly over the calendar that hangs next to my desk in the kitchen.  I will not show you my kitchen because it is a disaster today!  But the frame sure classed up the calendar.  I have always hated how a calendar looks, just hanging there on a nail.  So what do ya think?!

Lastly, here's some lovelies that I had on my porch a couple of weeks ago.  Of course the flowers have all faded now.  But it sure was pretty while they lasted.  Just had to share....

Thanks for coming along on my little photo tour.  Hope your Autumn season is nothing less than splendid.


Now go make something beautiful,


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