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Celebrating Candlemas

Yesterday was the Super Bowl of course.  Even I, who lives in a bubble, heard all about that....  It was also Groundhog Day.  Less fuss was made about it, but most of us knew the furry critter was coaxed out of his hole yesterday.  But there was one more "special" thing about yesterday.  Have you ever heard of "Candlemas Day"?  Most likely this is a holiday that isn't on your radar.  Ever since I read about Candlemas in the "Simple Abundance" book,  (I shared that book with you here.) I have made a point to have a bit of fun on that night of the year. 

When I did a little research into Candlemas I discovered it's actually quite a big deal in Poland, so I enjoy the "in touch with my roots" part of it. The celebration of Candlemass originated in the late fifth century as a tribute to the light of God's glory that was manifested in Christ Jesus. It was the day of the year that candles were brought to the churches and were blessed for the coming year. It was also associated with the traditional purification of Mary after the birth of Jesus.  (Mainly in the Catholic church.)  My personal focus isn't the "religious" side of this day.  I am not of the Catholic faith.  But Candlemas also falls midway between the Winter and Spring equinox.  So for me it's nice way to remember that Spring is getting closer and it's a fun way to add some nice traditions to my home for my kids.

On Candlemas night, my little tradition is to gather up all my candles and light them up all around my home.  All the lights get turned off and we live by candle light for this one special night.  Everything feels very cozy and even a bit mystical.  A night of making shadow puppets and telling funny stories with my boys. A night of being completely "unplugged." We need more of those nights I think!

Certain foods are traditional for Candlemas, including crepes, pancakes and cakes, all grain-based foods.  So last night we had homemade buttermilk pancakes for supper.

Here are some other ideas for celebrating Candlemas:

If you have a fireplace, you may want to clean out your hearth and then light a new fire. Sit around the fire and reflect on your hopes and goals for the year.  What are you passionate about? What seeds do you wish to plant? It's nice to share these ideas with others or record them in a journal. 

Since Candlemas is often considered the beginning of spring, you can perform another ritual act of purification: spring cleaning. This would be a good time to do a thorough house cleaning, banishing the gloom of winter and creating a sparkling, shiny new setting for spring.

Probably my very  favorite thing about celebrating Candlemas is that it has nothing to do with material things.  Were aren't focused on buying anything! We are just taking some time to reflect and enjoy the simple things.  Not that is a perfect holiday in my book!

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