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Expensive Taste

For all of my darling readers that happen to be manly men;  Sorry, this post is pretty girly....  This post is for us gals.  The ones who are trying to live each day with a sense of wonder and style. Yes, you!

Confession:  I love home décor magazines.  Particularly, Country Living, Southern Living and the like.  I have a big appetite for beautiful things.  But not the budget to go with such a big appetite.  As I was glancing over Country Living this morning, I had a thought.  "What about those of us that love making our homes beautiful, but that can't afford the Wolf Range in the kitchen or the Pottery Barn  light fixtures?"  While I would just love to have those things too, it's not in my budget and that's not likely to change.  Even if I had the cash to roll in, I'd probably buy another horse before I bought the Wolf. Just sayin'.  But I don't think that means I should give up on having a home with style and neither should you!

When our homes are well....homey,  other things in our lives feel good too.  We feel more like cooking a scrumptious home cooked meal in a cute, organized kitchen than one that is sad, cluttered and drab.  Am I right?  Prairie Granny's pet peeve is trying to cook with dishes still in the sink. 

So along those lines I thought I'd show you a few things I have done to make my kitchen a little more enjoyable to be in.  Maybe, just maybe something with light a little spark.... let's just see.


One of the coolest things in my kitchen I can't take credit for.  A local artist named Holly Ebeling painted a mural above the island when the previous owners lived here.  I love it, of course, so it stays.  I did rip down the cabinets that used to hang down over the sink.  While they did add storage, this tall lady had to duck to do dishes.  Not good!  Now that they're gone I have a nice open kitchen island!  Open is good in my book.

Instead of your typical, little kitchen rugs, I opted for a traditional style rug that covers the entire working area.  I hate cold floors in the winters and I also happened to already own this rug.  The bonus is that it adds a unique look to the floor and it's easy to clean.

I recently splurged a little and purchased to cabinet handles for the entire kitchen.  The previous ones were gold plated and white plastic. They really looked out of place in my western home!  So I put my 8 year old to work with a screw driver and ta-da!  Much better now and it cost less than $100 to do every cabinet.

The trinkets that I do have in the kitchen were mostly scavenged or given to me by people I love.  I love the antique Big Beam light that was left here by the previous owners.  The wine rack was made by my best friend and I even helped a little.

Next to it is an antique iron trivet that I found laying half buried in the dirt down near the barn.  You know how I love to srub the dirt off of things and drag them into my house!  It's an addiction I think....

One little tip I have for you is to get rid of that ugly, plastic dish soap bottle!  Get it off of the counter!  I really hate them, can you tell?  So I found this little rustic soap bottle in a bathroom section of a department store and gave it a new job.  Much better to look at than the ones the soap comes in.

Of course I sure wouldn't be much of a farmgirl without some heritage tomato plants started in my window sill....

Just for fun I thought I'd show you "were the magic happens".  Kidding!  But this is where I do all of my blogging.  Right here in the kitchen where I can keep an eye on three rowdy boys. Kitchen desks are a good thing if you have the room!


To put things in a nutshell....

Clear it off.  Get rid of the junk and clutter that always seems to gravitate to the kitchen. You really don't need last weeks' newspaper sitting around.

Fill it with things you love.  Even better if they came from  people you love. 

Think outside the box when it comes to the kitchen floor. 

No ugly soap bottles!  (Had to say it again.)

Style does not have to be expensive.  Scavenge and scrounge and there is wonderful things to be found.

I know I'm not the queen of home decorating.  Well let Martha have that title.  But I do hope I was able to give you some ideas and some hope.  Who says it needs to cost a lot to have a beautiful home?

Now go make something beautiful,



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