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Amy, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Sometimes you head to town for groceries and come home with a goat.... Well, I do anyway.

A little hitchhiker on the floor of my car.

A little hitchhiker on the floor of my car.

While I was in the big town yesterday, I got an email.  One of my "goatie" friends had a bottle baby that needed a new home.  She just happens to live about halfway to my house from town....  So my big boy and I discussed it and decided we should go pick her up.

When we got home she checked out the yard and decided she liked it....

My son asked if he could please name this baby, because I had named Tulip.  He really disliked the name I chose for Tulip....

So he christened her, Amy.

He really seemed to connect with this little one.  She's super friendly and they chased each other around the barnyard for a bit before we tucked her in with Ivy and Tulip.

I have to admit, she's got a way of winning you over.... who could resist that face?  So now I have another chore on my list.  Chore # 327: Bottle feed baby Amy....

Guess I better get started on those chores!



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