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It Goes Like This

What is that one thing that makes you most happy?  Most at peace and contented?  My number one thing is being on the back of a horse.... I need to do more of that.  Sigh.... it gets pushed back because I can't yet take my kids with me to ride.  They are so little and just learning about how not to get killed around horses. 

So for now I have to enjoy some other things.  The other thing that makes me happy?  It goes something like this....

Bouncing around in old, worn out pickup trucks to shut gates, check fences and make sure there are no bovines stuck in water holes and such.

Bottle feeding orphaned baby calves that depend on you for their very lives. Even when it's after mid-night and us humans haven't even found our own supper yet.

Chasing down new born calves to make sure they get ear tagged and dosed with their vitamins that will give them a leg up in life.  Sometimes this involves praying that old momma cow changes her mind about wanting to smash you into the mud for tackling her baby calf!

The precious gift of time spent out in wide open country.  Just us and the cows.  No traffic.  No bad tempered people.  Just land and sky and the world God created....

The days I get to spend like this are an odd mixture of torture and pure bliss that always make me feel a little bit more like I'm on the right path.

We all have our own versions of bliss.  Sometimes they make no sense to anyone but us.  I know sometimes we can even question it ourselves. 

But, I think.... if it makes you smile, gives you peace or fills your heart, do it!   I know something likely came to your mind when you read that. So I hope you put yourself on your list and get out and chase some joy.... "Follow your bliss."  Even if it leads you down a cattle trail to a broken fence line.

Soon!  Like tomorrow!


Now go make something beautiful,


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