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Operation Mobile Chickens

So what were you up to on this beautiful Sunday night?  I would bet you a dollar, we weren't doing the same thing!  It was a very cold rainy day here. So after church and grocery fetching in town, I didn't rush right out to do my farm chores.  Kinda put it off a couple of hours.  And guess what?!  It stopped raining.  The sun broke thru and it was an amazing evening!



 57 minutes "after".

It still amazes me how quickly the weather can change out here.... anyhow back to my story.

Hired man Jim and I have been working on a little project.  We have been converting a cute, little old horse trailer into a chicken house on wheels.  I have had the long time goal of being able to roll my chickens into fresh pastures every few days.  It will be accomplished with the coup on wheels and mobile, electric, chicken fencing.  Then my birdies will get fresh grass and bugs to munch all the time!  Healthier chickens = heathier eggs.

When I finally got my butt up to the barn tonight, all of my chickies were in the chicken house.  So the light bulb went off in my head.... time to move the girls into the mobile coup.  Did it matter that I was by myself?  That's often the case.  I'm getting used to doing things on my own.  It makes a person more resourceful. Right?

As I entered the coup, Zorro the rooster caught wind of my evil intentions and tried to attack me.  Just a bit of a bluff really.  After I kicked at him and swung the water bucket at him he backed off.  Sort of.... So I did end up pushing out the little door to the outside and locking him out.  I just wasn't up to playing dodge the rooster tonight.

Next I started grabbing a hen at a time, tucked them into my arms and carried them across the barn and placed them inside the trailer.  The first few were pretty easy.  They were eating their scratch, so I just reached down really quick and grabbed one. 

This is Eloise, my favorite hen.  She gets the honor of being the very first chicken I have ever taken a selfie with. :)

This is Eloise, my favorite hen.  She gets the honor of being the very first chicken I have ever taken a selfie with. :)

After doing that about ten times, I was down to the ornerier hens.  I played "Catch Me If You Can" fourteen more times around the coup.  I swallowed more than my fair share of dust and got pecked a couple of times.  But after twenty four trips to the trailer coup, I had them all tucked in for the night.  Except Zorro.... I opened the little door and ran for it!  He can get moved tomorrow when he's not quite so mad at me....

Jury says to tell you that she "helped".  I don't think getting in my way qualifies as help.... but she thinks it does.

So now that my chickens are happy in their new house on wheels, I'll soon be posting an update about whether or not the concept actually works!  Wish me luck!  Right now I'm going to go find me a piece of rhubarb cake... or maybe two.


Now go make something beautiful,




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