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Hail Mary Tuesday

So Aggie, who is my friend and partner in crime has a routine.  When she was younger her momma taught her to say two "Hail Mary's" every Tuesday, before noon.  It was said that if she did that, Mary would bestow an extra blessing on her that day.  Aggie has kept up the tradition as a way to be more conscious of the blessings that come her way. 

Yesterday was a rainy, dreary day.  We were both feeling rather sluggish but we had previously agreed that we would go out "junking" on Tuesday.  We didn't really have a plan other than to go look for cool old "junk" that we might sell in our new venture as "Junk Queens".  More on that later....

By pure chance and a twist of fate we ended up in the belly of an old grain elevator.  After getting permission of course!  And inside we found our blessings for Hail Mary Tuesday. 

This is Aggie yanking my chain!

This is Aggie yanking my chain!

Have you ever wondered what it looked like in one of those old elevators on the prairie?

These old mason jars were used to store grain samples back in the day.  We crazy junk girls love old mason jars!

There were a couple of amazing fire buckets....

and these beauties!  

I'm not sure what this thing was used for in the grain elevator, but it looks like and awesome shoe cubby for a mud room to me!  Just wait 'til we have these lovelies all scrubbed spic and span!

Aggie and I are hoping to have a Prairie Barbie booth at the next Prairie Sisters antique show in Missoula, Montana in September!  Maybe we'll see you there!

Now go make something beautiful,


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