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Out and About

This morning it's raining cats and dogs.  Or like a cow peeing on a flat rock.  It depends on who ya ask.  Anyhow, it's a good morning to hang out in our jammies, sip coffee and write a blog post!

Wanna see something beautiful?  Ok, here ya go....

On Sunday we took a little drive around central Montana.  This old barn is near our fishing hole and has been waiting for it's turn to be on my blog.  Well, in my imagination anyway....

Ya'll know by now that I have a fascination with these old relics.  I love to photograph them because I know they'll all be gone soon.  The old grain elevators that were once so vital to this part of the country are being torn down and replaced with new shiny, metal ones. 

This is our favorite fishing hole.  Peaceful, quiet, hardly anyone else around.  Even on the weekend.  This is why I love this place!


Of course a trip to the fishing hole had to include a little fishin'. We didn't catch a thing, but oh well.  That's a good way to teach a kid about life.  Sometimes ya don't catch the big one.  But oh, sometimes you do!


Then of course we had to have a rock throwing contest.  My eight year old beats me.... every time.  I'm a little embarrassed by that....

But he gets beat by the big guy.  So it's all good.



Now go make something beautiful,


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