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Fun With Spray Paint

Confession:  I hate those white, plastic chairs that many of us, (including me) have in our yards for lawn furniture.  They are taking up space on porches, decks and patios across the nation.  It's an infestation if you ask me.  A lot of the time we spend our money and time on having a nice home, then sabotage the yard with the white plastic stuff. 

Another confession:  I'm basically cheap.  Or maybe frugal is a nicer word....  So while I do love beautiful things, I am always looking for ways to make things beautiful without going broke over it.  So with that in mind, this is what I recently came up with to make my back yard more beautiful with out spending much cashola....

This what I started with.  I think they're pretty much awful.  Stains, scratches in the plastic, ugly stickers on them and all....

So I went to Home Depot and bought some spray paint in colors that I thought looked "retro".  Because that's kinda my thing.  After about 30 minutes this is what I had.... "brand new" chairs!


Much nicer to look at in the yard!

The first chairs to get the spray paint treatment were actually for my glamper.  I had Miss Dani help me with the painting and was so happy with the results that now I am a little obsessed with spray paint.

The hair accessory matching the paint was a total fluke!  But cute!

The hair accessory matching the paint was a total fluke!  But cute!

See!  Perfection that only cost about $3.00 a chair!  It's best to buy one can of spray paint for each plastic chair you wish to paint.  It's doesn't take quite a whole can each, but close.

So what do you think?  Aren't you ready to have some fun with spray paint?  What other fun things could we spruce up?  Maybe the flower pots are next....


Now go make something beautiful,


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