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Farm Chicks

This weekend as a birthday present to me I loaded up my newly painted vintage "glamper" with one of my besties, her lovely daughter, my red cowboy boots and a few other of my favorite things.... like plenty of chocolate.  We headed off to the Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane, Washington.  That's like a seven hour road trip for us.  But it was totally worth it!

Prairie Granny helped me with a last minute paint job for the glamper.  She had been asking for that pink stripe ever since we towed her home.  It turned out even better than I hoped!  It was time to hit the road!

A glamping we will go!

A glamping we will go!


I didn't really know what to expect at the Farm Chicks show.  I had never ever been to an official antique show before.  What we found was pretty mind blowing.  Over three hundred vendor's booths crowded the fairgrounds and on Saturday you were lucky to find a parking spot.  The creativity of the vendors in their displays, re-purposed items and products was impressive!  I was excited to check out different marketing ideas and boy, did I ever find inspiration!

Who knew a vintage wedding dress and a rusted out truck would look so amazing together?!

I'm pretty sure we have some tumble weeds that could use a job other than clogging up my fence lines....  as art perhaps?

The summary of what seems to be HOT right now in this world of antiques and "junk":

Barn wood

Sea foam green paint

Bubble gum pink paint

Rusty things

Chevron stripes




Sounds a lot like me really.... who knew I should have been a junk dealer?!  Maybe it's not too late.  A woman with an idea can do what ever she puts her mind to!  Where did I leave that can of spray paint?


Now go make something beautiful,



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