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I Am In Love

I think I am in love.  You know the kind where you catch yourself smiling for no apparent reason and your heart seems to miss a beat here and there?  Ya that kind!  The objects of my affection are fat and black with big brown eyes.  And white belts....

Gorgeous right?  I am absolutely giddy....

This morning my big boy and I took off with the stock trailer, on a mission.  We drove across the prairie, through river valleys, rock canyons and across the state to the high mountains of southern Montana.  There outside of a little town at the bottom of a mountain pass, we pulled into a charming little ranch that raises Belted Galloway cattle. 

I have dreamed of having my own "Belties" for years.  Maybe even decades.  I had done the research about the lean, healthy beef they produce, their cold heartiness and their calving ease. Not to mention how adorable they are with their "Oreo cookie" outfits!  I was sold!  But the closest breeders were in places that were at least two days drive from where I live.  Until I saw a little ad on craigslist.... Belties in Montana!! Hallelujah!

Inside I'm doing a secret happy dance right now.

In this photo I noticed that they even match my dog! :)

So exactly 12 hours from when we left this morning, we pulled in an unloaded our girls and their little calves.  Here.  At my place.  I still can't believe it.  It is in ever way a dream realized and I just had to share it with you.  Thank you for sharing my joy tonight!

My big Holstein babies are wondering what in the heck is up!  I hope they aren't too jealous....  It'll be okay guys, you will still get scratched and loved on.  I promise....

I just want to thank my grandpa and grandma for helping me buy the cows and also my bestie Aggie for stepping up to watch two rowdy three year old boys for the day so they wouldn't have to be stuck in the truck all day!  Sometimes you really do find out who your friends are! Love ya'll!


Now go make something beautiful,



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