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Powerful Positive Thinking

Unless you've been living under a rock, ( I am accused of that at times ), you have probably heard of Pinterest.  You know, the online, virtual "pin board" where we can gather ideas and images of things we like or dream of having one day.  It's also a great place to find and keep recipes.

When Pinterest was pretty new I pinned a few things to my "Dream Farm" board.  It was before I even had a farm.  But I was makin' plans!  By being able to store images of the types of critters, garden plants and ideas that I loved, I was able to shape my dream.  One of the pins I saved was this....

I had never seen black hollyhocks before!  I was intrigued and delighted by them.  I just knew my farm would need them someday....

The other thing that showed up often on my "pin boards" where photos like this....

Beautiful "Oreo" cows....  But the only ones I could find for sale were several days drive away from my neck of the woods.... Oh well.  I just kept thinking positively.  Someday I would have my cows and my black hollyhocks on my Dream Farm.

So a couple of years later, I obviously have my Dream Farm.  The place that I had eyeballed for over a year came down in price enough I could make it happen!  The critters on my Dream Farm pin board soon started to arrive on the place.  Barred Rock chickens, then alpacas, then a Toggenburg goat named Ivy.  I raised some black and white calves, of the Holstein variety and enjoyed it tremendously.  I even planted hollyhocks but never found the black seeds I wished for. 

But low-and-behold!  An ad on Craigslist made my dream of having my own "Belties" come true!  And there, out in the garden, next to my sunflowers.... are these amazing beauties.

They aren't quite black, but boy are they something!  I have no idea where they came from.  Maybe they were planted before and just didn't bloom last year.  Or maybe my mom was sneaky and planted them without telling me.  It makes no difference to me how they got there, I love them!

I don't wanna get all hoodoo voodoo or  weird on you.  I really am just a God fearing country girl.  But there is definitely something to the power of positive thinking!  I do think if we make the point to put good thoughts out there, good things come to us.  After all, God likes us to think positive too.  I believe that by staying focused on our dreams and believing they can come true puts us in the right "place" to make things happen.  Don't get me wrong.  The last few years have been unbelievably difficult for me in some areas.  But through the challenges I knew better than to give up.  So here I am today with my "black" hollyhocks and my Belted babies! 

A friend of mine who also believes in the power of thinking positive is putting it to the test.  Her favorite old mare is twenty eight this year.  She dreamed of being able to have just one more foal out of her best mare.  The vet said, "No way, she's done reproductively."  Even if they were to use a surrogate mare to carry the foal.  But low-and-behold!!  This week the mare is ovulating and they are breeding for that baby!  She asked for her friends to send positive thoughts and we are!  I think this time next year we'll see a brand new red foal in the world. 

So what are the things that you need to stay positive about and not give up on?  Maybe it's a new home or a new life!  Maybe you are praying for a baby of the human variety.  Or perhaps really need a career change.  Maybe your kids need more time with you and you are searching for the way to make it happen.... Don't give up!  Visualize and believe it's possible and good things will come.  Ya just gotta have faith....

Now go make something beautiful,


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