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In a world of productivity and convenience  like we've never known before, we have every high powered, high tech device we've been able to think up so far.  Our homes are filled with our modern time savers and items that maybe just make us think we're saving time, money and energy. We buy new, fancy appliances that are the very best, "high efficiency" and such.  The dishwashers that "sense" grime so well that if we rinse our dishes too well by hand, they fail to work properly. The washing machines that require much less water than the old top load versions, but oh, you better not forget to leave them open when you're done or you'll have to clean the mold out of your machine.  So is all this "efficiency" worth it? 

Here's a little secret that makes my mother roll her eyes at me.  I long for a clothesline. The old fashioned kind made of beams that look like miniature telephone poles.  With real wooden clothespins and floral printed sheets hanging from them, soaking up the rays of sunshine for later use.  Hanging laundry on a line is the only way to get that real, almost spicy scent of summer infused into the cotton.  Commercial dryer sheets try hard to make us delight in the scent of our clean laundry, but they fail. 

For now, my deck railing makes due as a clothesline.

For now, my deck railing makes due as a clothesline.

This is me in a few years.... well hopefully like, 30 years.

Here's the other thing. Clotheslines often work faster than our electric dryers!  On a warm day with a slight breeze, things dry within just a few minutes.  Of course clotheslines are also free to use!  No sucking juice off the grid and adding to our consumption of resources.  Does it get any better than that?  Of course there is still a place for a clothes dryer in my laundry room.  Freeze drying all my clothes in January doesn't sound like much fun.  So don't think I'm completely off my rocker or anything.... but soon I will have me a clothesline. 

 Ya'll probably know by now, I'm a girl who loves old fashioned things.  I strive for my home to feel like those places in our minds that invoke our best childhood memories of grandma's house. Most of the time my oldest son tells me I'm crazy for wanting to live this life in a remote corner of Montana.  He tells me when he grows up, he's moving to Los Angeles. But maybe someday, he'll be sitting in his office in L.A., thinking back to when momma was hanging sheets out on the line and listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" on the radio and he'll smile....

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