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Invaded by Joy

Every once in a while some random thing happens that adds to our happiness.

This had been kind of a bugger of a week.  My dogs ran away.  Again.  It made us all sick with worry.  Thank goodness they're home where they belong now.

I have a sick steer.  One of the Holsteins I bottle raised came down with a bad case of coccidiosis. It didn't look like he was going to make it, but now he is on the mend. I think.

Our water pump went completely on the fritz and left us "high and dry" for a day and half.  Hauling water is very demanding and time consuming when you have so many thirsty critters.

Then this little surprise came through my door in a big plastic tote.  Granny ran across three juvenile delinquents that needed homes....

They have taken over my house in the best of ways.  Hiding under my desk and attacking my feet.  Balancing along the window sills in the sunshine.  Climbing to the tippy tops of the chairs....

There's happy little kittens running amok in my house as I type.... making me laugh and entertaining my kids.

They really have invaded us with all their energy and general bounciness....

Eventually, these little guys will be terrorizing the mice in the barn.  I hope.  But for now, while they are small and cute, they are a much needed dose of happiness around here....


Now go make something beautiful,


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