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Top Hands: Part Three

While my girls were here on their "working vacation" I intentionally had them do quite a variety of jobs and chores.  My goal was to teach these great kids, some of the skills they might need out in the world some day.... maybe.  In the off chance that they become farmers when they grow up....

Lesson one:  How to properly use a pitchfork.

Lesson two:  Tractor Operation 101

Lesson Three:  Scoop shovels can be your friend.  But ya gotta but your knees into it.

Lesson Four:  How to halter break a baby alpaca.  Without getting spit on by momma.

Lesson Five:  Dust masks are a MUST when cleaning a pig barn!

Lesson Six:  How to pound fence staples and tighten barbed wire.

Lesson Seven:  How good it feels when the barns are clean, the fences are fixed, the critters are all fed, the hay is in the barn and it's time to play!

All in all I have to say I am beyond proud of "my girls".  They came here with the best of attitudes and we worked our tails off!  They are two girls that are going to go on and do great things with their lives.  They earned the title of "Top Hands" without a doubt.

Tomorrow I'll show you some of the CrAzY fun we had when the work got done!

Now go make something beautiful,


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