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I Have A Dream

Last Saturday it rained.  No, it poured!  But I had plans to hit a farm garage sale, rain or shine.  So my new farmgirl helper and I headed out in the old blue truck with a wad of cash and big ideas....

It's a goal of mine to become a vendor at those really fun, totally crazy, antique shows.  Such as the "Farm Chicks" show or something like it.  I figure it's a perfect, fun thing for me to do in my "spare time".  I have such a fondness for junk and all things vintage that I'm pretty sure we'll have a great time.  When I actually get there.... after I build my inventory and figure out how to set up the most adorable vendor booth ever in the history of junk shows.  A girl can dream right?

The sale I went to on Saturday was a jump start!  I dragged home lots of treasures and can't wait to get out the power washer and see what's under the layers of dust!  I was so excited I brought two pieces in right away and had Miss Jade give an adorable old chair a makeover. 





My other amazing find was this 1940's era typewriter in perfect working condition!  Jut a bit dusty, but still types beautifully!

Now I just need to tackle this stack of future booth adornments!

I know it doesn't look like much right now.  But trust me.... this is gonna be cool!  So stay tuned! 


Now go make something beautiful,


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