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Top Hands: Day One

I was recently asked by a family friend if she could send her two, teenage granddaughters out to my farm for a week.  They live in the Seattle area and are both "horse crazy".  Being someone who doesn't shy away from adventure, I said, "Sure!"

I really didn't know what I was getting myself into.  At all.  I had never met these girls and was aware of the possibility that they would hate being stuck out in the middle of nowhere with me for a week.  Their grandma had relayed to them that this would be a "working vacation" and they were to be helping out on the farm to earn their keep.  But in all honesty, I didn't expect much.  I kind of thought the girls might be "typical" teenagers that really didn't have much focus or desire to break a sweat.  I am happy to report that I was wrong.

The girls got off the plane with delightful attitudes and plenty of excitement.  Turns out they are sort of like country girls that are trapped in the city by fate and they really wish they could live out in the sticks, like me.

They're first night at the farm we just took it easy.  They helped me with they chores and then we had an awesome "farm to table" supper of home raised pork, garden green beans and potatoes.  I thought they might not love home grown food, but they practically licked their plates clean.

The next morning we got right to work and they both jumped right in with both boots.  We did chores and hauled hay up to the barn.

The back of the pickup was their favorite way to get around the farm during their stay.  Or the 4-wheeler....

The back of the pickup was their favorite way to get around the farm during their stay.  Or the 4-wheeler....

After a lunch with my bestie Trish, we went out to her ranch and picked up two lovely old ponies that we borrowed for my girls to play with.  We needed something sweet and dependable.  These guys were just perfect and we were all so thankful to have them!

This is Ghost.

This is Ghost.

Here is Raker.

Here is Raker.

The good ol' ponies got loved on and ridden every single day.  After our work was done of course....

At the end of the first long day, I think we all slept really well!  But everything had gone just perfectly and I was impressed with the girls' positive willing outlook.  Tomorrow I'll show you more from their Montana adventures....


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