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The Gauntlet

Remember last week when my sweet neighbor plowed out my driveway, only to have it drift right back in by the next morning?  Well.... it's still just like that. The two or more feet of snow we got has now had a couple of more inches added to it.  Daytime temperatures are still well below freezing so it's just hanging around.  As you can imagine, I'm kinda ready for a Chinook wind to come in and blow this stuff away!

Yesterday we decided to do our very best to make it to church even though the driveway was still pretty impassable.  A couple of trucks had made it in and the Jeep did ok.  But the "going to church car" is a Chevy Traverse.  All wheel drive but not really high off the ground.  Faith.  We had to have faith.

So the kids were scrubbed and shiny in their Sunday best and I had my coffee for the road.  We shot out of the garage and gunned it.  If we slowed down at all we'd never make it.  The super bright sunlight made it impossible to see what tracks there were in the snow drifts.  We were now driving "by brail" in a way.  The wheels were in the tracks and bouncing back and forth a little to let us know where to go.  At one point the drift grabbed the car and pulled it to the right just enough I thought for sure we'd be hiking back to house with cold, whiny kids.  But by grace and a properly timed acceleration, we kept moving long enough to get back in the tracks.

Once we got to within a hundred yards of the highway I think I started to breath again.  By George, we were going to make it!  One more drift to blast through and we hit pavement.  I think I have never been so happy to just be able to leave the yard.  I felt like someone running a gauntlet instead of a momma on the way to Sunday school. 

Today is another day.  Still snowed in but thankful to be able to get home to our cozy house and keep the critters fed.  Enjoy your day out there, wherever you are....

Now go make something beautiful,


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