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On A Distant Frozen Planet

Greetings from Blizzardland.  I think that's what I'll be calling my farm for a while.  I feel like I am on some ice covered, distant planet cut off from contact with normal folks.  I'm snowed in again today even though that sweet, guitar playing friend of ours came and plowed us out with his tractor just yesterday.

  The wind howled all night long and I woke up to a ground blizzard.  Which means, the snow that was already on the ground is being picked up and swirled around by the wind, making it nearly zero visibility outside my door.  Now the wind has died down but it has begun to snow again.... 

In order to feed the cows yesterday, we had to get very creative.  My haystack was unreachable by tractor or truck.  (Especially since every vehicle I owned was stuck in their very own snowdrift.)  So we got the four wheeler fired up and drug a calf sled down to the stack.  We had to pull the wheeler out a couple of times, but we got there. 

We loaded 'er up and got enough hay over to the cows to make them happy.  The horses were happy too and seemed to enjoy the winter wonderland.

The neighbor's big ol' John Deere makes my little one look teeny tiny!  I was glad to see him show up  to dig us out.  Even though it only lasted a day.  Sigh....

After the critters were fed, I jumped in the calf sled and had a little farmgirl fun!  Now I know why the kids like doing this!  And my back got adjusted without a trip to the chiropractor.  Eek.

Even on these days that are a little harder to take,  I love my life.  We can learn, adapt and manage to create a beautiful life even though we all have challenges of some kind.  In the scheme of things, five foot snow drifts aren't the worst thing in the world.  And it makes for amazing sunsets....

Now go make something beautiful,


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