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A Touchy Subject

Lately, I have noticed a movement of sorts regarding  rehoming pets.  It seems that many people feel that if you have to rehome a pet for any reason, that is an irresponsible and terrible thing.  Having a recent experience with this myself, it has got me asking the question, "When is it a good thing to rehome a pet or farm animal?"  I believe almost everyone who has had pets and animals in their lives, has had to rehome a critter at some point.  Of course there are people out there that seem to think pets are accessories, to be changed with the seasons.  I'm not talking about that.  That is irresponsible and not good stewardship. But what if?

  1. You adopted a puppy.  The puppy is a cute, feisty, strong willed puppy that you enjoy having in your lives.  Until.... that pup shows some aggressive behavior as a juvenile.  Obedience training is effective for the basics but the pup begins growling and snapping at you on occasion.  She grows up and obviously knows she's the alpha in your home.  Your efforts to maintain your status as master are ineffective and it is aggressive and violent to your other pets.  Maybe attacking your old, senior dog at meal time and causing the whole house a lot of stress.  Then one day your child toddles over to the dog while it has it's favorite bone and WHAM!  Your child is a dog bite victim with a scar on his face for the rest of his life. 

In my opinion, anyone who keeps a dog like that in a home with their children is putting a dog above their children's safety.  To be frank.... that's dead wrong.  That dog needs to be removed from the home, whatever the cost or circumstance.

2.  Your husband is promoted and you find out you are required to move across the country. Temporary employee housing doesn't allow pets of any kind.  In order for your family to have a better economic situation, you will have to rehome the kitty you adopted at the shelter last year.  Should you be labeled irresponsible?  I sure don't think so.  So finding a new, loving home is truly the best option.

3.  You bought your daughter a horse when she was twelve.  The horse was a dream come true for her and saw her through the turmoil of teenage life.  But she went to college across the state and now never has time to ride when she's home on break.  The poor ol' horse sits alone in the pasture day after day.  Shouldn't he have a chance to go be loved by a new little girl who worships the ground he canters on?  I sure think so....

So you see.... just because someone has to rehome a pet, does not instantly mean they are not doing the right thing.  It makes me sad to see people being chastised for trying to do what's best for their families and their animals.  Don't judge someone until you are in their "paws".

Here's my story with Daphne.  Several months ago, after we lost our beloved Boston Terrier that we'd had for almost 9 years, we adopted a cute little mutt.   She needed a home and was going to be a small-ish sized dog that might be a great house dog.  She was a little black fluff ball and cute as a bug.  But.... Daphne was very high energy and Daphne really wanted to be outside with the big dogs.  However, the big dogs hated her!  There was a lot of growling and it worried me.  Daphne's energetic personality meant she didn't want to lounge around and be loved on in the house and she was truly unhappy being cooped up.  To let us know how unhappy she was, she refused to be housebroken.  She was stressed and so were we. 

So when a young college aged couple needed a companion pup for their also, very high energy mini Aussie, Daphne found her perfect match in humans.  Daphne got two energetic young people to spoil her and a new best friend to play with every day.  Was it wrong for us to let her go to a home where she has a lifestyle that suits her better and she is truly adored for being her rambunctious self?  I sure don't think so. 

Now, a couple months passed and fate brought us "Joy".  Another Boston Terrier angel.  Joy is so much like Gwynne was.  Playful, but happy to lounge on the sofa.  She loves being right with us and never complains about being our house doggie.  Her personality totally fits our family and she and us are all completely over-joyed.  She has found her people and we hope to have her forever.  Things worked out, just as they should.

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