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The First

Last night before bed, we were watching my Beltie cow, Dee from the picture window in the living room.  She had separated herself from the herd and was showing all the signs that a baby was coming soon.  But she wasn't in labor just yet, so we went off to bed.

This morning the very first thing I did was scan the field for a little bundle near Dee.  And sure enough!!  We dashed out the door in our pajamas and much boots to go check out the baby and see how Dee was doing.  She has been a momma a few times before so I wasn't too worried. 

When we got down to the field, we found a perfect, lively little bull calf.  He has a perfect even belt around his tummy and big doe eyes like his momma.  Dee is being a perfect, doting mom and has him all licked off and fluffy. 

  This is the very first calf born here on our little piece of heaven.  We have other calves but they came with the mommas when we bought them.  So this one is awfully special.  And he is a very lucky little guy! This morning is an amazing morning to be born.  It's warm and calm and the green grass is coming up in the fields.  Does it get any better than that?

Well, as I am here soaking up all this cuteness, I hope y'all are having a blessed day out there....

Now go make something beautiful,


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