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Beauty in the Rockies

What do you do when things get s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l ?  How do you keep your sanity?  For me it's often involving horses.  The more, the better.  Riding or just hanging out with my horses always helps a whole bunch.

So yesterday the rugrats, the cowboy dentist and I took off for the hills.... well, actually the Rockies.  We packed a picnic and went to look at some horses.  A friend has a nice little band of mares and raises some very nice, foundation bred colts. 

Just so happens the ranch is in one of the most rugged, breath taking parts of Montana.  Bonus!  Since I know y'all can't just jump in a truck and drive to the edge of the world, I was sure to take some photos for ya.

We decided this old girl knows just where the grass is sweetest in the early spring....


Horses are a source of peace for him too.... You can tell by that grin.

Alright now, take a deep breath with me....

Because that's what ya do when your sitting on a log at the bottom of a coulee in the Rocky Mountains while you watch some horses graze ....

There.... that feels better, right?

I'll sign off now.  Thanks for taking this little trip with me. 


Now go make something beautiful,


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