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Singin' In The Rain

I have a hoodlum.  He is a yearling, Belted Galloway steer named Rex.  Rex hates being fenced in.  So he regularly, climbs over, crawls through or jumps whatever fence we put him in.....

Thankfully, I also have a guy who doesn't hesitate to slip into his woman's pretty, purple Muck boots (when his are M.I.A) and dash out the door to chase him back to safety. In the rain no less....

We are praising the Lord for a solid two days and two inches of rain that came down.  Everything is a blessed, muddy, sloppy mess.  But the grass is happy....

And the kids are happy.  You can't tell from the photo, but these two were entertaining the cows with their rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" while we were tossing out some hay....

The calves loved it.  I'm sure of it!

As the cold rain lightened up, the babies got spunky!

Little Uno was really intrigued by the flash on my camera. He'd give a little jump every time it went off.  But he stayed  and hung out with me for a bit anyway.

I imagine you've had your fill of photos of calves.  But they're just so darn cute!  So here's just one more.... for the road.

Now go make something beautiful,


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