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Where Do I Start?

I have a little mare named "Fancy".  We all love this mare.  Riding her is like driving a Corvette.  At least, I think so.  I have never actually driven one of those.

Fancy has been such a great little horse that when her momma came up for sale.  I knew I really, really would like to have her.

So this past weekend, the cowboy dentist drove all the way to Colorado to bring her home for me.  Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me!  I'm good for a least a year as far as gifts go.  Who could ever want anything more than a lovely, doe eyed brown mare that makes absolutely perfect babies? And she's a sweetheart too.

Almost as sweet as the guy who bought her for me....

I think she likes Montana.


On another note....


A couple of weeks ago we took a quick trip over to Spokane, Washington for the Farm Chicks Antique Show.  I love to go to that! I love junk!  And evidently the cowboy dentist does too....


This antique dog cart caught his eye.  He hemmed and hawed and decided with the five dogs we have around this place, they need to start earning their keep! So last evening was the trial run.  The big dogs we a bit too big.  The little dogs are just too small.   But Deuce the hound dog was just right!

Oh, the things we come up with for entertainment. The stories our kids will tell someday!  But it's our crazy life and we love it.


Right at sunset we heard Deuce out in the distance doing his hound dog, baying thing.  Looking around we could see that Deuce and Judge were both elsewhere.  I sent the boys out to investigate and they found good old Deuce had himself a badger!  Judge was pretty sure Deuce had the job done and he was just hanging out watchin'!  Maybe it was a right of passage for young Deuce.  Either way I am glad it was the dogs that came across the mean old badger and  not one of our kids! 

Needless to say, the boys had quite a story to tell when they got back from the field.  Cousin "Slim" from Illinois is sure to have an interesting summer in Montana!  

I wonder what adventures we'll have tomorrow! Stay tuned.


Now go make something beautiful,


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