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This morning, I skipped my ritual cup of coffee.  For real.  That almost never happens!  But I had a good reason.  As I shuffled to the kitchen I noticed my beautiful alpacas grazing on the hillside south of the house.  "Awww....." I thought.  "They're so lovely."  Then I stopped.  What was that little blob?  A small blob of brown fuzz where there wasn't supposed to be one.  Too small to be one of the calves.  Hmmmm.... I grabbed the binoculars that live on my kitchen counter.  Holy cow!  It was a baby alpaca!

By my breeding dates for last year I wasn't looking for any baby alpacas until around the first of July.  But there was that one day the studly Banner escaped his pen and joined the ladies.  And little Miss Zoe became a momma. 

That is an extra, extra special thing because we nearly lost Zoe last winter.  She has an ongoing problem with her teeth abscessing.  The vet told us there wasn't much we could do.  So we doctored the abscesses as they came and she managed to stay fairly happy in spite of them.  But some times the infections were so bad I wondered if she would keep going. I'm so glad she's tough!

Zoe has some of the very best fleece of my entire herd.  So this baby girl should follow in her hoof prints and have amazing fleece!

Checking her over was a family affair.  One of my rugrats quickly grabbed his Doctor outfit so he could be the vet!  Gotta love four year old imaginations!  Precious!

Even Granny got in on some snuggle time.  Baby alpacas are pretty tiny.  Our surprise baby only weighs around 15 pounds.  So she is fun to pick up and cuddle a bit. For now anyway.


Anyhow, I thought you'd like to see what surprises can spring up around the farm.  Now the baby needs a name!  Got any ideas?


Now go make something beautiful,


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