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That magical time when the work day, commute and dinner rush is over..... those summer hours of blessed sunlight.

What are your evenings like?  A comfy chair and your favorite programs?  Catching up with the day on social media?  Maybe, just maybe we should shake things up a bit.  How about tonight we all get outside? 

Summer will be gone before we know it!  Time seems to fly faster and faster.  Let's do our part to slow things down.

Bare feet in grass.  A cold drink on the porch.  Maybe checking out how the critters, plants and gardens are holding up in the heat.  Watching the sunset.  Really  watching, with no phones in our hands. 

If the weather isn't cooperating where you are tonight, make a date to try again.  Lord willing, there will be more sunsets.  Let's enjoy the summer!

Now go make something beautiful,


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