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The Infirmary

Is anyone else having an extra challenging week?  It started with the untimely birth of baby Rico and all the trials we had getting his momma to like him.

Then poor Cash, Rico's dad, ended up with a really bad colic episode.  As the rain poured and the wind blew, we thought we were going to lose him that night.  Amazingly, he pulled through.

A few days after the colic one of his legs swelled.  A lot.  I was pretty sure he had bruised it during the thrashing the night of the colic.  I figured an infection was brewing.  We started a course of penicillin injections.  Meanwhile baby Rico has developed "joint ill"  or "navel ill".  Which is when a bacterial infection starts at the umbilicus shortly after birth.  The infection usually settles in the joints and left untreated, they usually die.  With timely treatment the prognosis is at least fair.  But not fantastic. 

Three days ago, Cash had some swelling around his muzzle.  Knowing it could be the result of a penicillin allergy, we discontinued it and switched drugs.  Yesterday the swelling was much worse.  I administered some antihistamine and a steroid.  Today he had worsened even more and I called the vet. 

Before the vet got here this afternoon, the dogs came back from a romp/coyote hunt.  Deuce the hound dog loves to assist the LDG's with the coyote eradication.  But poor Deuce isn't quite made for the job.  His short, slick coat and big floppy ears are weaknesses.  Today his nose is covered in lacerations and his ear was almost ripped off at the tip.  There was so much blood on my porch it looked like a murder scene.  Poor ol' Deuce!  So the vet had three patients to check out when he got here.

Topping things off:  One of my rugrats is down with a BAD cold today.  Michael has a nasty sinus infection and the puppy somehow ended up with fleas.  All I have done this week is nurse and treat and mother everything around me.

I have always been kinda proud of my animal husbandry skills and my momma skills.  I am diligent at maintaining the health of my herds and flocks and kids.  It's rare for me to need the help of a vet.  But this week, I'm over my head.  So I will take all the help I can get!  We are now waiting on the blood work for Cash, baby Rico has a better prognosis, Deuce's ear will heal with a funny notch but he'll live.  The puppy had been treated for the creepy crawlies, Michael's meds are perking him back up and my rugrat is getting some extra momma time.

Phew!  Thank the Lord for coffee and veterinarians! 

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