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The List

At the end of last summer we wrote up this "To Do" list for the old homestead.  Old farmhouses and adorable, but ancient farm buildings can literally mean unending projects. Today, I looked at the list on the fridge and crossed a few things off of it. Then I took a moment to enjoy the fact that we only have TWO little projects left on the list!!! That feels like a victory!  Of course, after we finish the list we will just write another.... but oh well.  It's good to see the progress on paper! 

The new year is usually a time we feel the urge to write some new lists.  Resolutions, aspirations and the like.  This new year I admit I am finding it more difficult than usual to feel inspired.  Maybe this northern life, with it's lack of daylight, has depleted my vitamin D levels or something.... So today's realization that a lot really has been accomplished on the farm was just what I needed.  

My mom has always made "to do" lists.  They used to frighten me horribly!  Hers were always much too long and difficult for my younger self. Now I make the lists.... and they are long and difficult!  But I see the reward of having a list with all those lines drawn through it. 

If you are feeling a bit like me, a little overwhelmed this new year of 2016, I suggest it's time for a list!  Make one that you know you will be able to cross some things off of fairly soon.  We can't afford to lose our mojo, now can we? 

My oldest son decided it was his job to tame the barn cats. 

My oldest son decided it was his job to tame the barn cats. 

Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished!

Now go make something beautiful,


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