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Bathroom Renovation Revealed!

Welcome to the little, old, prairie farmhouse.  This house was built in 1941 and I have strong suspicions it was actually a Sears kit home.  It has a lot of the features and the floor plan that those kit homes had.  During the height of WWII materials were even more scare out here on the northern prairie and quite a few kit homes were brought in on the train and assembled on farmsteads.

Wayyyyy back at the beginning of April we started a project that was supposed to last a week or so.  My sweetheart's lovely momma and her main squeeze were kind enough to fly up here from Saint Louis to help us tear apart and remodel the farmhouse bathroom.  And boy, did it need it!  It was by far the ugliest, nastiest room in the house.  Have a look, if you dare....

The wall boards were rotten and crumbling.  There was mold.  There was mineral deposits, there shower walls were sort of "cut to fit" the uneven walls.  The cabinet was original to the house and so large that you hit your knees when sitting on the toilet.  No joke! 

The light fixture was broken and had been wired in a "Jerry rigged" fashion.  It was flat out scary and I was pretty sure it would someday burn the house down.  Having the toilet across from the sink made it so you had to walk around or step over the toilet to get to the shower.  There pretty much wasn't enough room for me to stand there and help my little boys brush their teeth. 

I'm so glad I took these photos to go back and reminisce!  Walls were ripped out to be straightened.  The tub was never gonna fit in between the crooked walls. The plumbing was moved across the room for the toilet and the tub drain.  Wiring was all redone with actual safe outlets and a properly wired light fixture. A new floor was put in to level that up as well. The process was so amazingly dusty, dirty, long, frustrating and almost unbearable.  After ten solid days we still weren't done.

This is my honey putting up tile after a long day of work.  We also did tile on weekends. For like ever..... and ever.  If I never tile another shower it will be too soon.  Not Mike's favorite thing either.  But after it was all said and done, it WAS worth it!

Two months after we started I can finally say it's done.  Well there is this little bit of paint touch up to do.... and maybe..... But we'll say it's done.

Ta-da!!  Isn't it lovely?!

These two lovely rooms were on Pinterest and we used them both for a little inspiration.  I don't claim to be a bonafide designer, so finding rooms we liked and then making our own version was our design process.


I hope you like our little farmhouse bathroom!  I feel like it came out even better than we hoped for.  I hope this inspires you to tackle that project in your own house that you know you want to do!  It really is worth the hassle.  Every day this old farmhouse feels a little less like a project house and more like a home.


Now go make something beautiful,



Technical Info:

Tub, sink, toilet, light fixture, tile and flooring all from Home Depot.  (It's all we have available and even that is 70 miles away.)

Paint colors:

Beadboard-  Behr "White"

Upper Walls- Valspar "Skyfall"

Shower curtain-  Threshold for Target

Barn photo- Taken by Yours Truly

Other décor-  Items I had laying around the house.

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