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Thank You Mr. Salatin

Everybody needs a hero.  Ever since I watched the film, "Food Inc.", Joel Salatin has been mine.  This man exudes passion and authenticity.  I LOVE authenticity.  So four years ago I read all of his books on sustainable farming.  "You Can Farm" is my favorite.  If you are a farm nerd like me, read it!  From Joel I learned about grass based farming, pasturing my chickens and more than I can explain in a little blog post.

Four years ago, I used to say to my mom,  "Geez I wish Joel would come to Montana!  But I know he never will.... sighhhh."  But wouldn't ya know!  Last week I got a message from one of my besties that Joel was doing a conference in Montana!  Only two hours from me!  I could have pinched myself!   


Yesterday I got up early and headed east to another tiny farm town called Winnett.  Winnett is as much in the middle of nowhere as Geraldine.  Why he ended up there I still don't know.  But around 300 other farm nerds filled the high school gym to hear what Mr. Salatin had to say.  A lovely, older farm wife leaned over to me and said she was pretty sure half the population of Petroleum County was in that gym!  We sat there from 9:30 to about 4:00 and listened to a brilliant man offering new ideas on farming and ranching. 

I took a short video when he was discussing direct marketing and customer relationships. Pardon the big guy blocking the view. I was trying to record without being obnoxious so I didn't move from my seat. 

He also spoke also of family, raising our children to love the farm and so many more things.  Here are some quotes from the day....

"When you are a hundred miles from a Coke machine, marketing gets difficult!"

"Lead by example.  Be the lunatic fringe."

"It's not about having something that somebody else has."


Lately I have scaled back my little farm operation.  I had been feeling a little defeated in some ways.  "People around here don't get it.", I was saying to myself.  And they don't.  But that's ok.  I now feel refreshed to carry on with the path that God has call me to.  Raising good kids and raising good food....


Anybody wanna buy some grass fed beef?  *wink


Thank you Mr. Salatin.  You showed up in Montana just in time to inspire a prairie momma to keep on farming!


Now go make something beautiful,


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