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Simple Sunday

Most Sundays, we get up and go to our simple, old fashioned Baptist church.  Singing old, faith filled hymns and filling our souls with the word of God.  It doesn't get much better than that.  But not today.  Today I need a break from being on the road.  Today I need a break from just about everything.  I need some time for the simple things that make life good.

So yes, I sat alone in my garden for a little while this morning and talked with God.  And then made a little mental list of things I need today.  For my soul.

I need to watch my banged up ol' dog find the perfect spot of cool shady grass to lay down in and then join him for a few minutes to pet his ears the way he likes me to. 

I need to pick some of the flowers growing in the yard and put them on the table to enjoy.

I need to move that little cucumber plant to a place where it gets more water so it can thrive instead of struggle.

I need to let the boys run through the sprinklers until they are soaked to the bone and happily dripping on the front porch.

I need to make something yummy in the kitchen.  All week we have just been getting by when it came to dinner.  It's time for something delicious....

I'm sure you catch the theme here today.  Simple.  The little moments are what fill the soul back up for the crazy week ahead.  Take some time today to find some of those moments.  Even just one of those moments.... Trust me, you need it.


Now go make something beautiful,


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