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What Are The Chances?

A million to one?  Or maybe not quite that rare?  Let me know what you think. 


On March 11th we had a new baby colt born on the farm.  He is a beautiful, black stud colt with a star on his forehead.  We named him "Newt". 


This morning on the farm we had another baby colt born.  He is a beautiful, black stud colt with a star on his forehead!  


These two colts look like clones of each other!  We did expect them to look somewhat similar.  They are both sired by our stallion, Feature Good.  So they are half brothers.  And then there's this..... The mother of today's colt is actually the mother of the mother of the first colt.  Ya got that? Jewel is the momma of today's colt.  She is also the grandma of the first colt. His momma's name is Fancy.  So now we have these two miracles.    

Just to help explain why I am geeking out over this, here are some stats.  The first colt, Newt, had a 43.75 percent chance of being black.  His momma is black so that upped the chances.  Then of course there was a 50/50 chance he could've been female. 

The second colt, "Deets" had a 18.75 percent chance of being black.  his momma (Newt's grandma) is brown. So either colt could've been a filly, or a bay, or a sorrel, or a brown.  But they aren't!!

I have no idea what the chances were for that perfect white star on both of their foreheads.  Newt's momma has a star.  Deet's momma has no white on her at all. So isn't that COOL!!??

This is a fun photo from about 9 years ago!  This is Deet's mom Jewel with Newt's mom, Fancy when she was a baby!  We have been kidding around about how these two colts are "uncle-brothers".  But what ever you call them, they are amazing.

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